About Us

Established in 2001, the Phoenix Group is a conglomerate with diversified interests in Real Estate.

Over the past decade, Phoenix has emerged as the pre-eminent commercial real estate developer in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad has become one of India’s premier destination for business and has attracted companies globally in their search for partners and spaces that set a benchmark in excellence.

Right from the blueprint to the final delivery, we prioritise innovation and cutting-edge technologies in the planning and construction process to optimise time and resources.

What Sets Us Apart
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Being Local
Our deep understanding of the Hyderabad demographic and a robust network of local professionals are our biggest assets.
Thinking Ahead
Our teams are constantly scouring the globe for cutting edge technology and inspiration for new ideas to improve the overall experience of our customers and employees.

Improving Transparency

Construction Methodology

Campus Standards of Efficiency

Improving Accessibility

The Power of Collaboration
We always count on our top-notch partners and consultants from around the world to build the best  for our customers.
Giving Back

Phoenix wants to interact with and leave a lasting impact not only on the environment and the society, which are an integral part of.